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About Us

Joe's American Classics serves traditional old-fashioned hot dogs to people of all ages at events, parties and commercial locations. The hot dogs served use a 100% natural casing and are made from a secret family recipe in small batches using only fresh beef and a mild blend of spices, then slowly smoked using real hickory chips to give them a mild, sweet, real smoked flavor.


Joe's American Classics is a family owned business started by a father and his three sons. The family started Joe's American Classic with one thing in mind, to provide great tasting classic American hot dogs. The family stays true to the classics American hot dog's root because they want their hot dogs to evoke a sense of nostalgia in every bite. A classic American hot dog is a corner stone in American food and it's linked to great American past times such as sport outings, national holidays and family events. The family takes great pride in offering a classic American food experience when providing their customers with delicious classic hot dogs and a quality old fashion service. This great service is evident in the Joe's process, when you buy a hot dog from a Joe's American Classics hot dog cart or when you contract Joe's American Classics to cater your event you are paying for an old fashion full service experience. Every hot dog is prepared and dressed up with condiments by the Joe's staff upon order. As the customer you just have to order your hot dog request your condiment and sit back and enjoy the Joe's American Classic experience.